Rev. William Marrion Branham
Holy Scripture records the lives and deeds of men
who walked with God and were so anointed with His Spirit
that they would declare THUS SAITH THE LORD, and their
words would be confirmed by infallible signs and wonders.
They were God’s prophets, and the Voice of God to their
In this generation, nearly two thousand years since the beginning of the apostolic age, the people of the
twentieth century have also witnessed the ministry of a vindicated prophet of God. His name was William Elijah
the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD). Behold, I will send you Elijah the
prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD.
Malachi 4:5

Not since Bible days has the world witnessed anything that can be compared to the ministry of Brother
Branham. When he appeared on the national scene in 1946, it produced a spark that ignited a period of
great healing revivals that swept across America and around the world.

To this day, he is acknowledged by Christian historians as the “father” and “pacesetter” of the 1950s healing
revival that transformed the Pentecostals and ultimately gave rise to the Charismatic movement, which today
influences nearly every Protestant denomination.*

For twenty years, and before millions of people, William Branham demonstrated the Gift of Discernment and
the Word of Knowledge (knowing the secrets of a person’s heart) with an unerring accuracy that had never
before been seen, and has never since been duplicated.

His healing ministry was legendary, yet in the opinion of many, he wasted the great gift that God had given
him by trying to preach. Few church leaders were able to see past his lack of education and recognize the
purpose of the gift, which was not to attract attention to the man, but to the Word that was being restored.
The promise of Matthew 17:11 was being fulfilled: “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall
first come, and restore all things.”

There was a reason why God chose William Branham to be His Voice to this generation. He was a man who
was not shaped to a theological conformity or influenced by denominational barriers, therefore he did not
hesitate to point people away from all man-made creeds and traditions, and back to the original Word, just as
it was taught by the apostolic fathers. He had no ambitions or agendas of his own, choosing instead to remain
a humble servant of God, never aspiring to a lavish lifestyle or promoting himself above others. He lived his
The profound anointing that surrounded his ministry, and the extraordinary demonstrations of the
supernatural that occurred throughout his lifetime clearly identified him as a God-ordained prophet.

The effects of this ministry have not been diminished by the passing of time. Today there are an estimated
half-million people worldwide who are followers of the Message which God delivered to His people through the
ministry of Brother Branham. Millions of books containing his sermons are printed annually. Translation work
is presently being carried out in more than 40 languages. Hundreds of thousands of his tape recordings are
distributed each year. Missionary endeavors span the entire globe.

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